Who is Rachel Lebowitz?


Rachel grew up in an entrepreneurial home in the suburbs of New York.

Fascinated by the world of entrepreneurship and how employees acted differently when "the Boss" was around versus when the Boss wasn't, she pursued a degree in Business Behavioural science. 

Although she is a Driven Visionary human, she has experienced being in the supportive role as a spouse of a driven entrepreneur and working with entrepreneurs in her EOS practice.

She has a knack and passion for bridging gaps in relationships—especially when one partner is a Driven Visionary Entrepreneur. 

Her husband, Ezra, and her own Poly Craft Industries, a Printing flexo company, which they grew threefold with the Entrepreneurial Operating System tools. 

She is an EOS Implementer, Co-Host with Dr Douglas Brackmann on the Popular “I am Driven” Podcast, author of Empowered COO and founder of Driven Spouse Forum. She also coaches people in recovery from codependence.